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This picture symbolizes what sin and the lack of relationship with the Lord does to our lives. It yokes us, controls us and we begin to operate in our own will, and not His will. Then it becomes a burden and too much to bare. God has a great and perfect plan for our lives. He knew us before we were even formed in our mother's womb. He is the creator of our very being. He placed something inside of us that only He can fill.
So that is why in Matthew 11:28-30, Christ says, "Come (follow, come near)to Me, all you who labor (grow weary, tired) and are heavy laden (burden upon, overload), and I will give you rest (refresh). Take (raise up, lift up, elevate)My yoke upon you (rest upon)and learn (increase one's knowledge) of me, for I am meek (gentle) and lowly (humble) in heart, and you will find (meet with) rest for your souls (seat of feelings, desires, affections, heart). For My yoke (used of any burden or bondage, as that of slavery) is easy (fit for use, good, pleasant) and My burden (load) is light."

​So as we enter into a new year, let us put down the yoke of sin, regret, deception, pain, and any other thing and let us put on the yoke of Christ. He knows what we need before we even speak. He is the source of our peace. He is our Strength and true joy comes from Him.

​Be blessed in 2016! Hope in Christ! Make Him Lord of your life today!

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The photo above is a picture of my prayer area in my bedroom closet. This small area has changed my life! I was inspired through the movie, "War Room" and my pastor. After being so frustrated one evening at Bible study, my pastor told me to rearrange my day. I didn't really understand what she meant at first. There was so much going on at work and I was trying to balance my life and find time to spend with the Lord. She then begin to explain that much of our frustration comes from the fact that we place God in the mix of all of the other things in our day to day tasks.

She went on to explain that if we would get up earlier, pray, read His word, and get into His presence, then He will provide all that we need to get all of the other "stuff" done. Sometime after that Bible study I saw the movie "War Room." It was like the confirming voice of God saying, "Get into my presence and I will give you rest for your soul." I did! I started getting up at 5:30 every morning to pray and I have not stopped. Sometimes I'm praying. Sometimes I'm reading the Word of God. I now realize that He is drawing me back to a place of worship. He is all that I need and you as well! Be inspired and uplifted in Him! ​#hopeinchrist

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As I sit reading a quote by Charles Spurgeon,​ I continue to reflect on the fact that everything in this earth is void and empty outside of the living Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! We can get so distracted and bound by people and the things in this world. For example, we might desire love and affirmation from others, but the truth is, people cannot give us anything that they don't have within themselves. 
Therefore, if ​they don't have love, they are not capable of extending it to us. Love comes from the source God! He is love! Only He can provide true love to us. So today, I encourage you to put your trust in Him and He will supply all of your need according to His riches and glory by Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:19).

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Father on this Christmas Eve morning, may we know that without Your provision there would be no remission of sin. May we open up our hearts and cry out to You for our lives! All that we need is found in You! Mankind can't give us what is only found in You. Let us not love anything, anyone, or even ourselves more than You. May we not reject the chief cornerstone but reject the things that have caused us to not walk in right relationship with You. You promised in Your Word that we would find You as we search for You with All of our heart. In Jesus name, Amen! - #ChristAlone

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