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Have you ever stopped to listen to God speak? In a world of chaos and confusion, it may be difficult to hear the LORD. However, as Christians, it is imperative that we spend time talking to God and hearing from Him. We will never know His will, His way, or precious His love if we never spend time building that most important relationship.

This past week I was struggling in an area of my health and God begin to speak to me. I first went into my prayer room to spend sometime with the LORD and to read His word. In all honesty, I was very nervous about my health, so I begin to read scriptures on healing and faith. I begin to pray and ask God to help me to trust Him and not try to understand things with my finite mind.

God first begin to speak to me through His word. He reminded me that He knows the plans that He has for me; plans to prosper me and not to harm me (Jer. 29:11). He then reminded me that weapons may form but they won't prosper against my life (Isa. 54:17). I finally begin to feel His peace and love and I could continue on with that day.

As I was headed to grab me a bite to eat, I noticed a "Red Bird" as it flew across my windshield. Then once I got to the restaurant, I saw two more "Red Birds." I began to smile because I knew that only God would know that I understood the significance of the "Red Bird."

You see, a few years back I was taking a Bible class. The teacher of this class was a female minister. The class was supposed to be about Biblical Leadership, but I would have titled it, "Faith." One day, the instructor came in and begin to tell us her "Red Bird" testimony. She stated, "Every time I needed to know that God was with me, I asked Him to send His Red Bird." She went on to explain that her faith, relationship and love for God increased so much because every time she prayed God would send a "Red Bird" so that she could see it at the very moment that she needed to.

So as I thought about the minister's testimony, my encounter with the three red birds made me smile!  I knew that God was speaking to me. I knew that He wanted me to have faith and trust that He would see me through anything. I knew that He was with me and that His love flows deeper than any river! I know that my life belongs to Him and that He would always take care of me and that He cares about our deepest concerns, even the ones that we don't speak.

I admonish you today to spend time with our heavenly Father. Listen for His voice! Know that He is speaking in many different ways, we only need to listen!!

Be Blessed!

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Bible Verses from New King James Version were found on Bible Gateway.

Saturday I attended my bi-weekly women's ministry meeting. We met outdoors near a lake. As we ended our study, we begin to walk around and discuss trusting the Lord with all of our hearts. We watched how the geese were so carefree and going on about their business as God guided them. Then some questions were posed to us, "Why do we worry and fear? Why are we so busy but yet not at peace? Are we trusting God as these animals out here? I found myself pondering on the last question. Am I really trusting God in such a manner? My answer was no. We all want to get to a place of trusting God completely, but we get distracted by life, people, and things. Today let us stop and focus on God's creation around us. It will remind us that our heavenly Father loves us more than we could ever know and He has our best interest at heart. So join me in prayer this week as I pray to trust and love God with every fiber of my being and not leaning on my own understanding.

Prayer - Father you are the giver of life. And because You created us, You are the only one that knows what we truly need. One of those great needs is a relationship with You and putting all of our trust in You. So Father today help us to grow in our relationship with You and our love and trust will grow stronger. Help us to deny ourselves and others, and surrender our hearts and lives to You. In Jesus name, amen.  
So often we desire for our family members to make the right choices and walk with God. However, this scripture made me look at things a little different. Could it be that God is waiting on our obedience so that He can move miraculously in the lives of our family members? There may be some that may not be willing to obey or even believe in God, but God can move on hearts and deliver as we get in place, walk in relationship with Him, and seek His face on their behalf.  

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When we think of prayer, I don't really think we understand how truly important it is. Before we can pray, we have to first believe or the prayers are in vain. Before God brought Lot out, Abraham was in His presence interceding on behalf of those that were righteous in the city. His family member, Lot, was one of the individuals in that city. Although God still had to destroy the city after Abraham's prayer, He brought Lot and his daughters out.

Our relationship with God is so vital! God saves us and desires to save others through us. We must walk in true relationship with God and pray continuously for the souls of others that don't know Him.

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Today's Scripture References:
Psalm 34:18 -
The LORD is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit.
Romans 8:28 - And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose. (NASB)

Questions to Ponder:
​Have you ever wondered about life's struggles? Have you ever thought, "Why is this happening? Why doesn't anyone understand?"

​Many times in life we have these thoughts. Let's consider the following: "If we didn't have life struggles, would we willingly seek the true and living God for ourselves? If everything in our life was perfect, would we truly understand God's love for us? Is there purpose in our pain?"

​Let us seek God with these questions, when we go through trials. Let us remember that God promises that He will cause it to work for our good. We may not be able to grasp those thoughts while going through, but as time progresses He will begin to manifest that truth in our lives. We have to know that God loves us with an everlasting love! He has purpose for our pain and He cares about everything that concerns us. Take one day at a time and lean and depend on our heavenly Father, knowing that His purpose is not to harm us but to give us an expected end! Be encouraged, be blessed, and let Him strengthen your heart! Enjoy this worship song by Israel Houghton: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtlAqZd39u0


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The photo above is a picture of my prayer area in my bedroom closet. This small area has changed my life! I was inspired through the movie, "War Room" and my pastor. After being so frustrated one evening at Bible study, my pastor told me to rearrange my day. I didn't really understand what she meant at first. There was so much going on at work and I was trying to balance my life and find time to spend with the Lord. She then begin to explain that much of our frustration comes from the fact that we place God in the mix of all of the other things in our day to day tasks.

She went on to explain that if we would get up earlier, pray, read His word, and get into His presence, then He will provide all that we need to get all of the other "stuff" done. Sometime after that Bible study I saw the movie "War Room." It was like the confirming voice of God saying, "Get into my presence and I will give you rest for your soul." I did! I started getting up at 5:30 every morning to pray and I have not stopped. Sometimes I'm praying. Sometimes I'm reading the Word of God. I now realize that He is drawing me back to a place of worship. He is all that I need and you as well! Be inspired and uplifted in Him! ​#hopeinchrist

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Father on this Christmas Eve morning, may we know that without Your provision there would be no remission of sin. May we open up our hearts and cry out to You for our lives! All that we need is found in You! Mankind can't give us what is only found in You. Let us not love anything, anyone, or even ourselves more than You. May we not reject the chief cornerstone but reject the things that have caused us to not walk in right relationship with You. You promised in Your Word that we would find You as we search for You with All of our heart. In Jesus name, Amen! - #ChristAlone

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