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As a little girl, somehow I knew that there was something greater than I! I remember finding a corner in our apartment and I would go and pray to Santa. At that time, I thought that Santa was real and that he could fix the things that I was going through. I remember one time asking him to allow me to see my dad.  As I got older, I came to realize that Christ is the one who answers prayers. God used some awesome women of God to lead me to life in Him. As I finished my prayer time this morning, I felt led to remind you that Christ is the only road to life! There were many days of my life that I walked and did not realize that I was walking in darkness. Then one day, God led me to life and I have not turned back.  Here's my prayer for today:

​"Dear LORD, I am so grateful that I am not who I was. Thank You for meeting me on the road of life and calling me to Yourself. I love You, Jesus. I long to love You even more. Father God You brought me out of a dark past. You have protected my life from an infant and I thank you! Fill me with YOUR power and anoint me afresh. Help me never to turn back to the world. Help me to go deeper in YOU. No more deception, all truth which is only found in YOU. In Jesus name, Amen!"

​I pray that this post blessed you today. Also, below is a song by David Crowder to uplift you! Only seek His truth! Be blessed!


Copyright © 2016 by Denise Walker/Project H.O.P.E. Ministries, Inc.


02/17/2016 5:14am

Awesome reminder and lovely words. Love your sweet sweet spirit, Sister-in-Christ. Keep up the great work.

Shan Walker {The How to Guru}

03/17/2016 4:12am

Thanks so much Shan! Blessings to you!

03/16/2016 11:24am

He IS the way, the truth, and the life - and if we surrender ALL to Him....

03/16/2016 8:16pm

That is a sweet story about praying to Santa when you were little. I am glad you found that God is the real thing!

03/17/2016 4:14am

Yes, I wander if that is the struggle with many, I mean adults.

03/17/2016 7:46pm

Love your Santa story. Even children often recognize that there is something and someone bigger than we are. So thankful that Christ is our hope!

03/18/2016 4:05pm

Thanks so much for your encouragement! I can't count how many times I pray to other things or people in hopes that they solve my problems; a new job, a different apartment, a different teacher... Christ is the only one who can meet all my needs!


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