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Some months ago I was struggling with fear when I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes. I had to have lots of testing done.  One day during that difficult time the Lord placed Psalm 121 on my heart. He is always right there when we need Him the most. He never leaves us; we leave Him. We get off track. We pull away from our relationship with Him due to our personal choices or life circumstances. Let us pray today that He will help us to place all of our trust in Him. He never fails!

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04/12/2016 9:36am

Wonderful reminder! Thank you!
It's so easy to feel abandoned by God, but He never actually goes anywhere. We just allow our feelings, hurts, or anger get in the way of looking towards God.

04/12/2016 4:13pm

Great post. Your goal is excellent. Congratulations! I'm approving you for membership into the Fellowship of Christian Bloggers.


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