"Healthy, Overcomers, Purposed with an Eternal Perspective"
Hope-in-Christ Book Club has been reading the true story of "Laura." This book has pulled at our heart strings to say the least! Laura is a very brave young lady who shares her testimony of abuse as a child. If I could select a theme for this book, I would say "God is Faithful Even in Our Pain." Laura couldn't go to her parents because her home was the source of her abuse. Throughout the story, she shares how she found the strength to continue to call on our heavenly Father.

Many of us, like Laura have cried out to God even when we did not understand our struggles or even who He really is as Creator and LORD. God promises to take care of us even when our parents forsake us. He is our heavenly Father. So as we continue to go through life's struggles, remember that God uses individuals like Laura to record His greatness in their lives. We all have a testimony to share.  It was only God's grace that kept Laura through ever test and trial. She experienced extreme abuse, but God remained faithful in her life. The God that Laura called out to is the same God that we can depend on in our time of need. He is faithful and just!! He knows the plans that He has for us. He will be with us and keep us even until the end of time!!



Susan Elizabeth Henson
06/04/2016 12:03pm

I wish I would have found this great group before you started reading this book as this is precisely what I want to show my audience when they read the book about my life experiences. The book, preemptively titled "I Was a Patient", is still in the works!!

06/06/2016 8:54am

Thank you! I felt led by God to start a book club that helps lead others that may not read the Bible to Him. I thank Him for using us. Please let me know when you complete your book. I would love for the group to read it and I would love to write a review in support of God's work in your life.


I haven't read this book yet. Reading through all these reviews makes me feel sorry that I haven't read this such inspiring book. "God is Faithful Even in Our Pain." is really adequate for the story of it. She never gave up, even if she felt unloved. I think, I fell in love with this book. I will hunt this book, I really wanted to it. I will also share this to my friends, they will definitely thank me for recommending this to them. Thank you for sharing this to us. I'm really excited!


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