"Healthy, Overcomers, Purposed with an Eternal Perspective"
Have you ever heard someone speak the words "Christ is not real?" "Why do you believe in that myth?" "How can a man die for us?"
In the past few years, I  have heard these statements many times. There is just one problem with them. My life was transformed, and I didn't change myself!

You see, when I was in my twenties, I felt that I had reached my lowest point in my life. I had experienced abuse. I felt rejection. I battled with depression. I miscarried my first child. I was living a sinful life. Then one day my heart was so heavy, and I knew that there was more to this life.

I was led to the truth about Christ by an evangelist who cared for my hair. She spoke life to me that day. She told me to want God more than anything. I did just that. I accepted Christ as my personal savior, and He changed my life. He changed my way of thinking, He healed my heart, he comforted me. He made me whole again.

How then can I ever believe the lies that He is not real? I would then have to ask, "How did I change?" "Why don't I live the life I once lived?"

There is something else. In John Chapter 5, the Bible states, "
He who has the Son has life; he who does not have the Son of God does not have life.  These things I have written to you who believe in the name of the Son of God, that you may know that you have eternal life, and that you may continue to believe in the name of the Son of God."

Without receiving and walking in relationship with Christ, one cannot receive eternal life; we can't get to God without Christ. And if there is no eternal life, then why does the Bible speak of it? Why can't we just fix ourselves?

I tried fixing myself. It didn't work. I needed the source of true life and deliverance. That is Christ and Christ alone. He set me free!

I was in a prison of sin, rejection, depression, and more. I couldn't drag myself out of that. That was all Christ!

Young people, never let anyone lead you to belief all of these vain philosophies. Christ is the truth! Call upon Him and He will answer!

Re-Presenting God!
Outreach and Fellowship:
There are several outreach and fellowship opportunities that are offered to the Project H.O.P.E. Mentoring group. The main focus is showing God's love.

 Hope-In-Christ Campaign - Through this campaign, youth will seek to do good deeds for others as often as they can. They will also reach out to their peers and others and begin to share their testimonies pf how they found hope in Christ. They will offer to lead others to make a commitment to live for Christ. This will be promote by wearing t-shirts, badges and arm bands.

 Positive Words-Positive Thoughts Campaign - Through this campaign, students will be challenged to glorify God by watching their words and their thoughts. They will be challenged to listen to clean music, speak positive (God's) words to their peers, and to not use profanity. In addition, students will also challenge their peers to do the same. They will promote by wearing t-shirts, badges and arm bands.

 Youth Prayer Walk - Youth will gather at a decided upon location to pray for one another, their schools, and their community.

 Outings: The youth group will gather quarterly for fun and fellowship at selected location.
How can truth be divided? That is one of the questions I asked God as He led me through writing my first youth journal about the deity of Christ. The book is titled Re-Presenting God: Taking a Healthy Look at the Holy One of Israel. The phrase Re-Presenting God means to point individuals to the true God in the midst of unbelief and false deities.

You see, we live in a time where so many have fallen away from the truth about God, the Creator. Many believe that there are several ways to God and some even believe that we evolved from nothing.

So let's take a look at one of the terms that I focus on in my book, truth. What is truth? According to the dictionary, truth is accuracy, certainty, reality, sincere or fact. The opposite of this is counterfeit or fake.

So I ask the question again, how can truth be divided? If it must be accurate and it must be certain then how can it come from many sources?  If we were created, then how can there be many ways to the creator? Or if you don't believe that we were created, then how do we know the difference between the truth and a lie or good and evil? 

If you would be completely honest and listen to your heart, you would admit that there can only be One source for truth regarding life itself. Truth can only found in Jesus Christ. When we walk in relationship with Him, He gives life meaning. He created us for a purpose.

Re-Presenting God!
Denise M Walker

I would like to welcome youth, parents, teachers, and youth leaders to my youth ministry blog. This blog is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to today's youth. Many of our young people don't know about Christ, and we want to change that. There are youth ministry journals coming soon. Please spread the word. We want to change a generation. They have no hope outside of Him!

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    Project H.O.P.E. Mentoring Ministry

    This page will contain blog posts for youth. The vision of Hope-in-Christ is assisting youth with finding their hope and purpose in Christ alone.

    My book. This is first youth journal in the Hope-in-Christ Series. Purchase by clicking on the image above.


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    About Outreach
    Re Presenting God
    Re Presenting God

    Welcome to Project H.O.P.E. Mentoring:

        I am Denise Walker, founder. I am grateful to have you visit our mentoring page! I would love to serve your youth as their mentor. H.O.P.E. Mentoring is an outreach ministry of Hope-in-Christ Ministries, Inc. Feel free to contact me at mentoring@hope-in-christ.com.

    To begin, I am a certified teacher of more than 15 years. I have taught grades 3, 4, 6, 7, and 8. My certifications are in elementary education, middle grades Language Arts, and Educational Leadership. I currently teach 7th grade English Language Arts. My mentoring and teaching go hand-in-hand. I love to use the strategies from my classroom in my mentoring sessions.

    I have been mentoring for over 10 years at the middle school level. God gave me the vision of Project H.O.P.E. Mentoring in 2002. It took me some time to truly begin to fully walk in the vision. As a mentor, most of my years have been spent mentoring middle school girls. I have also participated in girl's conferences, one on one, and group mentoring.

    Services Offered:
     What: Community Group mentoring classes

     When: Saturdays/Once a month from 9:00-10:30 a.m. 

     Where: Newton County Library (coming soon)

                 Video Conferencing Online (Coming Soon)

     Curriculum Focus:
    The foundation of our curriculum is God's Word. Youth must know God's Word and understand that they were created in His image.
    1. Taking a Healthy Look at God
         (Journal 1)
        2. Overcoming Life's Struggles in Christ
         (Journal 2)
    3. Purposed by God
         (Journal 3)
    4. Change Your Perspective (We are more than flesh) (Journal 4)

    Other Workshops:
    1. Self-Esteem
    2. Worth in Christ
    3. Purity God's Way 
     4. (Friendships, Dating, and Other Relationships) - What does God say about relationships?
    5. Other Specialized workshops may be offered

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